Attendance/Disability allowance

GP factual report £33.50
DS1500 £17.70

Certificates and Notes

Private sick note £20.00
Certificate of incapacity £30.00
Housing Certificate £30.00
Pay protection/holiday cancellation form/certificate £30.00
Fitness to travel certificate £25.00
Complicated certificate £30.00-£60.00
Fitness to attend without examination £30.00
Fitness to attend with examination £45.00


Drivers licence countersignature £20.00
Elderly Driver Certificate £25.00
DVLA Report Request £40.00
PCV, LGV, HGV drivers examination £85.00

Patient Records

Request for clinical system records £10.00
Request for copy of manual/combined records £50.00
Request to view records with supervision £50.00

Requests for Factual Reports without Examinations

Insurance company GPR £110.00
Life Insurance Report £110.00
Supplementary Information to a GPR/Life Insurance report £30.00
Extracts from records with or without comments £60.00

Requests for Medical Examinations and Reports

Fostering/Adoption Report £73.50
Pre employment/employers medical £195.50
Medical examination 20 min or more plus report/certificate £195.50