If you have undergone investigations at the surgery or at the request of a clinician then you can contact the surgery after 2pm to obtain the results of the test.

Please note that if you call before 2pm you will be asked to call back during the appropriate time. Please allow an appropriate length of time for the results to come back to the practice and be interpreted. See below for a guide on how long to wait. In the event that your results are abnormal and immediate action is required the doctor or nurse will call you to discuss this.

Test results will be reviewed by the appropriate clinician before one of the administrative team can advise you of the outcome. Please note that receptionists are not trained to draw deductions on test results or advise patients of reasons for abnormal results.

We cannot provide test results to anyone except the patient unless previously agreed with the practice.

Please note that if you have had any investigations performed at a hospital or community clinic these results will not be sent back to us and you will need to contact the department, clinic or consultant’s secretary to obtain them. 

Availability of results

As a guide please allow the appropriate time listed below before you call the practice for your results. In some cases the results may take longer than suggested.

Blood Results:  Please allow 1 week from the test date

Urine Results: Please allow 1 week from the test date

X-Ray Results: Please allow 3-4 weeks from the test date

Swab Results: Please allow 1 week for results

Cervical Smear Results: Please allow 11-12 weeks from the test date