Who can register?

We operate an ‘open’ patient list and are always accepting new patients to the Practice. Anybody who is eligible for NHS services in the UK can join our Practice from our local area.

Due to the Practice’s ambitions to maintain a high quality of accessible services and provide a safe and integrated level of care for all of our patients, any patients who wish to register with the Practice must reside within our catchment area. This to to ensure an effective Clinician to Patient relationship can be maintained and for the Practice to fulfil the medical needs of all of its patients, whilst working alongside external health care providers from differing Clinical Commissioning Groups, ensuring a safe and effective level of care. If you are considering registering with the practice, please ensure you currently reside within our local area boundary.

For more information about registering please speak to reception by calling 0121 472 0187.

How do I register?

You can register as a new patient with the practice:

Failure to complete any sections of the registration form your registration may be delays in completing your registration.

Please be advised that new patients are unable to book appointments until their registration process has been completed.

What happens next?

Once you have registered at the practice you will be offered a new patient health check by one of our clinicians. This will enable you to obtain a health review and advise the practice of any health issues you may have. At this stage the practice can introduce you to any appropriate services that are available.

Due to the time taken for new patient records to arrive at the Surgery from previous Healthcare providers, we would recommend requesting a course of any required medication from your previous Surgery to ensure that there is no delay in you receiving your medication.