It’s now been launched at the surgery. You can book yourself in directly without a referral from your GP, if you meet the criteria (please see below).

Why are we doing this? 
The service provides faster and direct access for new problems. It also helps avoid long waits from injury to attendance.

When will the service be held?
There will be physio clinics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Who’s it for?
Patient of ours aged over 16. The service can help you with acute joint and limb pain affecting your:

• Ankles
• Back
• Hands
• Hips
• Knees
• Neck
• Shoulders
• Wrist

The physio can also help you will muscular pain and injuries, and sports injuries.

Please note: If you’d had physio treatment for a chronic problem before and it hasn’t worked, you won’t be eligible for this service.

How can I book an appointment?
To find out more or book an appointment, please contact the surgery. Our reception team will be happy to help you.