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Community Information to offer help and support to our patients within the area. Posted on 18 Jul 2022

I am writing to you as a Level 4 Met Office Heat-health Alert has been issued for the West Midlands, alongside the first Red Warning of Extreme Heat. There is 100% probability of severe hot weather between 00:00 on Monday the 18th of July and 00:00 on Wednesday the 20th of July. This weather will increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and is likely to disrupt the delivery of services.


Please share the following information and continue to share the attached guidance with your staff, service users, communities and partner networks to help ensure that citizens – particularly those who are most vulnerable - are adequately supported during this time.



Warning Level



West Midlands

Level 4 (Red)


Emergency. Hot weather returns this weekend, peaking Monday and Tuesday, with very warm nights likely.









An exceptional hot spell on Monday and Tuesday leading to widespread impacts on people and infrastructure.

What to expect:

  • Population-wide adverse health effects experienced, not limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat, leading to potential serious illness or danger to life. Government advice is that 999 services should be used in emergencies only; seek advice from 111 if you need non-emergency health advice
  • Substantial changes in working practices and daily routines will be required
  • Significantly more people visiting coastal areas, lakes and rivers leading to increased risk of water safety incidents
  • Delays on roads and road closures are possible, along with delays and cancellations to rail and air travel, with significant welfare issues for those who experience even moderate delays

Further useful links to guidance include:


­   RNLI water safety guidance

­   Swim England safety advice for open water swimming in hot weather

­   NHS guidance on keeping your baby safe in the sun

­   AGE UK advice for older adults staying safe in hot weather

­   BCC guidance on staying safe during heatwaves

­   British Red Cross guidance on first aid for heat exhaustion and heatstroke, as well as top tips for staying cool


You can also sign up to receive Met Office Weather Alerts via email using the following link:


Thank you for your time and support.

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